The elusive and rare drop tine deer is the result of abnormal antler growth, characterized by the downward development of one or more tines on either or both left and right racks of antlers. Typical of extremely long-lived animals, drop tines are attributed with shrewdness and cunning and the ability to escape the aim of predators and hunters alike.

The new 86/71 Droptine Lever Action Rifle with tubular magazine, is smooth and fast, thanks to the solid steel CNC machined lever and receiver. Available in the long-lived 30-30 Winchester caliber, coming down to us from a glorious past, it continues to be relevant today. It has been revised in this modern version, thanks to the excellent restyling by the main commercial ammunition manufacturers and consumer demand. This model is characterized using innovative components and materials, as well as an affordable price.

In response to the requests of more traditionalist users, the CLASSIC version of our Droptine model is being introduced, featuring quality materials in the typical OLD STYLE finish. The stock, made of walnut, oil finish, is hand fitted with care to the action, which is hand polished and protected by the case hardened finish, vividly colored. The barrel, PMG quality, features the muzzle thread and is drilled to assemble the dedicated Picatinny rail, finished with a brilliant blueing. equipped with the classic buckhorn rear sight, front sight with brass insert. The safety level remains confirmed, thanks to the launched firing pin, the hammer half cock safety position, as well as the presence of the safety button, working to block the hammer in the rest position.

General features 86/71 Droptine
  • Action drilled and tapped to fit the specific Picatinny base - cod. 036U232000
  • Barrel equipped with muzzle thread
  • Butt plate made from material to absorb recoil
  • Mechanical safety on the hammer
  • Launched firing pin
  • Stock and forend made of walnut, oil finished
  • Barrel drilled and tapped to fit the Picatinny base (U.228) with inserted rear sight.
  • Front sight and rear sight inserts are movable and can be replaced by Superluminova fiber rear and front sights 
  • Loading lever with extra-large, oversized loop
  • Bolt pre-fit to mount the Ghost sight - cod. 036U42200L

Each model has its own character, discover that of the 86/71 Droptine rifle!

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