Loading Lever with Interchangeable "Loop"

We developed and patented a new loading lever, which designed to enable interchange of the ordinary lever loop with one having larger dimensions, easily done by the user, without special tools. Specifically, designed for users who wear protective gloves. The upper part of the lever remains fitted to the rifle mechanism, while the lower loop section of the lever can be removed and replaced, keeping the mechanism, precise and solid, as you find in the traditional lever.

Addressed to the customer being attracted by the martial appearance and by the innovative tech equipment.

General features

Silicon Grip coated stock and forend

Bolt drilled and tapped to fit the specific Ghost sight – cod. 036U42200L

Cerakote coated Frame

Barrel equipped with the Picatinny/Weaver scope base with integrated rear sight and the ramp front sight

Frame drilled and tapped on the left side to fit the specific Picatinny scope base – cod. 036U232000

Loading Lever with interchangeable loop

Microcell butt plate

Threaded muzzle

Safety at the hammer

Drilled and Tapped Bolt for Ghost Sight

Flying firing pin

Stock with adjustable cheek piece

Frame, Bolt, Barrel, Magazine, Loading lever, Cerakote coated

Boarbuster & Guidemaster

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Each model has its own character ... and much more!

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